Felt Flat Roofs

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Felt Flat Roofs

Here are Roofcraft we are familiar with multiple roofing types, and Felt is one of the more inexpensive yet still resilient material which can be used in different ways. Felt can be used for the roof of not only your house but additional structures such as a garage or shed, a covering over your porch, home refurbishments, and even extensions.

Our expertise means we always recommend a triple-layer felt roof to create the most suitable roof for most usages, however, we will always work with you to create the bespoke solution that serves you. Our process takes into consideration both the financial and stylistic choices with a range of colours to choose from in your finish. Our felt flat roofs are made with the utmost care which results in a superior grade polyester which we treat to create watertight protection for your home, which combined with our triple-tier nail & torch method carried out by industry experts, will stand the test of time.

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