Chimney Repairs

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Chimney Repairs

Your chimney is likely to be one of the oldest components of your house, and generally is the part which is most exposed to the weather as it extends up where the rest of your roof may be flat. This means it must be properly maintained, and we could not recommend anything less than an annual service, just like you might do for your car. It’s important to ensure there are no potential causes for concern such as deterioration, brick damage, cracks or more.

With a yearly check-up, we can help with issues such as capping, flaunching, rendering stone masonry, cowl fitting, aprons and lead flashing, and re-pointing. If we discover these issues before they start to become harmful, we can get them fixed for a much less expensive price than if we had to come and do a call out to fix such an issue. Due to the chimney being an extrusion up rather than part of the main roof structure, it needs to be carefully handled especially in cases of restoration. However, our team is expertly trained to deal with all issues so if you do have an urgent matter that you need fixed we’re just a phone call away. We can reconstruct chimneys, patch them up, and even build you a new chimney.

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