High-Pressure Jet Cleaning

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High-Pressure Jet Cleaning

Roofcraft Scotland are experts at laying down and maintaining roofs of all kinds, and an important part of the maintenance is cleaning. Roofs should be cleaned every year, as small fragments of inorganic material like grit and dirt can build up on your roof. Roofs are also susceptible to the build-up of organic materials such as algae and moss which can cause damage to your tiles, allow water seepage and leakage, and cause you gutter and drainage issues.

We use a speciality method of jet wash cleaning, also known as high-pressure or pressure-washer cleaning, which is extremely effective on all kinds of surfaces. We use cleaning chemicals which will easily make your roof look clean as a whistle, whilst also ensuring a long and healthy life, because they are designed not to damage the roof, but only remove the unwanted layer of build-up. Our process starts by applying the chemicals to the area that needs to be cleaned and then leaving it to have its affect. We then use our equipment to wash the surface, the combination of using water to clean as well as high pressure to really dig the stuck materials off and get the roof looking as good as new.

These high-pressure jet wash water cleaning techniques can be used on other surfaces too, not just roofs. Some examples include your garden patio, front garden concrete or patio, garden furniture, outside walls, windows, walkways, car parking spaces, and more.

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