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Cladding Experts

Cladding is the process of creating a layer of one material over another provide protection. It is reputably known for thermal insulation and weather resistance. Cladding can be applied to both residential and commercial properties, in a range of style colours and materials, to meet your property needs. Thus, cladding can also be used to enhance the aesthetic appearance — for example creating a feature wall or a way to conceal unappealing surfaces.

Therefore, it is important to have a careful selection criterion when choosing your cladding. It can have an impact on the longevity of the property, the value, and the appearance. Because of the extra protection provided, you will not need as much maintenance and therefore it would like please save your money in the long term. However, please do not take this as a message that it will remove the need for maintenance, as any property needs to be properly maintained to ensure its integrity. Some example materials are UPVC and timber.

Working with Roofcraft Scotland, you can be sure to get expert advice as we have worked on many interior and exterior cladding projects, and will be able to help you on the selection process whether you are completely new to the idea or an experienced property owner.

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